Michele Schlossberg

“The Forget Hangovers Patch is an innovative and proactive product that helps prevent the depletion of Thiamine (B1) in the body while consuming alcohol. This patch is an ideal and effective way to deliver and replenish B1 at a time when it is normally being depleted. I highly recommend the Forget Hangover Patch, especially to my clients”
Michele Schlossberg, CHNC

Rohan Singh

“As a proud drunk of many years I have tried more hangover preventions and remedies than I care to count and I can say without hesitation that– with the exception of simply not drinking , which I consider to be completely unworkable and, frankly, kind of terrifying. The forget hangovers patch is by far the most effective method of avoiding hangovers that I’ve ever come across. It’s easy as hell- you just put it on and forget it; it doesn’t require drinking gallons of water or any crazy yoga or holistic crap; and when you wake-up the next morning you’re a glass of orange juice away from feeling like those last 6 shots never happened. It doesn’t do anything about that person you woke-up next to, though.”

Sean Logsdon

My name is Sean Logsdon, I just wanted to thank whomever came up with the idea of the no more hangover patch. In March of 09, I had a birthday party.. For the first time in my 27 year life I tried Sangria’s at he restaurant that I had rented out for my birthday party. Needless to say, I mixed those with multiple shots that my buddy’s kept on buying for me that night, cause it was my birthday. Of course I overdid it.. can honestly barely remember the details and there is even video of me doing the cha cha slide. The next day my father had a planned fishing trip for me at 6 am. Although I didn’t even remember how I got home.. my father woke me up with no problems and I even had a beer at 9 in the morning with him on the boat! No hangover, No puking.. just a great weekend… THANKS HANGOVER PATCH!!!

Mietra Shobair

I normally get the worst hangovers, where I am in bed all day, its gotten to the point where i don’t even like to drink anymore when I go out cause its not worth it for the hangover i know I’m about to have. I tried the patch one night before I went out just to see if it worked and it actually did! I woke up the next morning feeling fine, I did not feel at all like I would with my normal hangovers. I am going to be using them every time I go out now!

Eddie Beckels

I usually feel really hungover after drinking a lot. I went skiing a little while back and my friend had given me a forget hangovers patch to wear since he knew i’d be spending most of the trip in the lodge drinking. Sure enough, after falling on my ass and running into a few trees I had to step off the slopes and start pounding some drinks to forget about the pain. When I woke up the next day I felt great except for a few bruises and some sore muscles. I will always wear the patch when i go out drinking from now on and hopefully they’ll come out with a patch that helps my skiing skills.

Blair Grupado

I bartend in downtown D.C. and someone had recently showed me this hangover patch. At first I thought there’s no way this thing would work but after wearing it I woke up the next day feeling great. I would definitely recommend this to all bartenders because you know how we like to drink at work.

Yaw Owusu Jr.

Partying at Tao Beach in Las Vegas for 3 nights straight would not have been possible without the Forget Hangover Patch. With the easy application the patch is virtually undetected. Partying hard is easy when you can forget about the Hangover Tomorrow!!!

Shannon Kelly

I love the idea of a hangover patch-and this brand definitely works!!! Even better, they make great party favors in gift bags for bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays and other booze-filled events! Smartest invention ever :)